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We grieve the transient loss of familiar church life, but what if the Holy Spirit is breathing fresh life into the Christian movement, a new awakening that will touch people who never darkened the doorway of a church?

In his book Forgotten God, (written years before this pandemic), Francis Chan reminds us that the Holy Spirit is the true Source that powers the Church.


How might we serve the kingdom of God if we allow the Holy Spirit to empower us more and rely on our limited human strength less?


Join us for this seven-session video series, which offers a compelling invitation to understand, embrace, and follow the Holy Spirit's direction in our lives. It is designed to initiate and facilitate discussion, interaction and practical application of the message of Forgotten God and is featured on RightNow Media.


The Forgotten God discussion series will be held on Monday nights from 7:00-8:00 pm.

Join Deacon Ellen by phone or virtually online via Zoom.


Feel free to attend any or all the group discussions. Contact Deacon Ellen at for more information and login details. 


You do not need a Rightnow Media account to be a part of the discussion.

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